About Flavour Press

Flavour Press is a small publisher focusing on food and drink titles. It was set up by Jamie Goode in 2006 with the intention of providing an outlet for well written, worthwhile titles that otherwise would be unable to find a suitable publisher.

While we believe the existing wine book publishers are doing a good job, there aren’t many of them, and their focus is largely on more commercial titles with a broad appeal. Flavour Press therefore aims to offer specialised but perhaps ‘niche’ books a route to market. We aren’t looking to build up a comprehensive portfolio of ‘me too’ titles treading an already well worn path; instead, we’ll only publish books we feel are important, or novel, or that we are excited by, or that we think are fun.

Flavour Press also aims to offer authors a better deal than they are currently getting from mainstream publishers. The quality of many wine titles has suffered because the best writers aren’t terribly motivated by the prospect of a modest advance and then royalties of less than 10% of net receipts.

‘The Internet has become an important medium for communicating about wine, but people still like to read books,’ says Goode. ‘The trouble is, there aren’t enough interesting wine books out there, and publishers seem to have a crisis in confidence in doing anything out of the ordinary: there are an awful lot of dull “introduction to wine” books cluttering the shelves, and I wanted to do something different.’

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